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Youth Archery Shoots
All of our youth shoots are free of charge and we have equipment available if needed. Our goal is to teach and practice safe shooting all the while have a great time. We shoot indoors during the colder months but when the weather co-operates we will shoot outside. 

Winter Schedule
Consecutive Monday's 
February 7th-March 28th

Summer Schedule
Every Sunday from 5pm-7pm from April-TBD (September?). 

Kids archery.jpg

For any more questions feel free to contact Phil Wines at 517-605-2226 Or Brad Wickham at 517-610-1399

Youth Shooting Sports   
Every Thursday starting June 8 until.....night at 6pm we will have firearms/ammo including, bb gun/muzzle loader/ pellet guns and .22Lr available for the youth to use. There will be a certified range officer on the range at all times.

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